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St. Louis Real Estate Home Sellers Speak Out about Flat Fee MLS

We have met with over 200 peolple who have sold their houses with the flat fee mls system in the St. Louis area and here is what they have to say:

"We couldn't afford to pay a full 6% to sell our home in Webster becuase we had taken out a second loan and were in financial trouble. The flat fee listing company we worked with did everything we would have expected a full service realtor to do and he only charged us a few hundred dollars, instead of the thousands it would have been with a big full service company" - Daniel Thomas, Webster Groves, MO

I was trying to sell my house for sale by owner, I put up a sign in the yard I bought at the hardware store and the only calls I got were from my nosey neighbors. I got a call from Jamie at Soldbyme and he explained their system to me. I thought about it for a few days, checked out their website it seemed legit so I went ahead and did it. My house sold in 3 weeks, I only had to pay one realtor and my family was so happy" - Robert Jerries, Arnold Missouri

"I am a real estate investor, I probably rehab close to 10 houses a year and I have been paying a realtor company on every one for the last 6 years. I was getting fed up with paying the selling agent to do so little. I noticed that the listing agent rarely brought any buyers through the property, I wondered what she was doing for the 2.7% I was paying her. I thought about getting my license myself to handle my own transactions, but I've found its easier to just hire a flat fee MLS company. They give great service and the prices are so low I couldn't do the work myself for that cheap" - Sheila Longrough, St. Peters, MO

"I was trying to sell my FSBO on my own, I kept getting calls from realtors asking whether I would pay them a commission to bring their buyers through my property. I figured if that's what I had to do to sell my house I would pay the 3%. One day a flat fee company I won't mention made me realize that if I was willing to pay a realtor, I might as well be advertising to realtors. My flat fee MLS helped me sell my house for sale by owner effortlessly." - Jeff and Norma Virtue, Chesterfield, MO

Many home sellers in the St. Louis area right now have already bought a new house. They thought their current house would sell much faster than it did, and they are really in a tough spot. They know they would be basically rolling the dice to choose a full service realtor so they just want to handle the transaction themselves. A smart home seller can sell their house for sale by owner, but recieve the assistance of a flat fee mls company to help market their property to all of the realtors in the Greater St. Louis area. If they are already willing to pay a realtor who procures a buyer, why not market to realtors right? You need to do your research and consider which flat fee company you will go with. You want one that has a reasonable price to offer you a few key features. If you are only paying 200 dollars or less you know you are getting the very minimal of services. If you pay that extra 100 dollars a company can more easily afford to provide you with an audiotour, more internet advertising, an administrator to update and change any listing requests you may have, etc.

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