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The process may be slightly confusing. You have heard about traditional real estate your whole life. You know you will have a realtor come to your house and sit in your kitchen and explain the whole process to you. Now you are considering a different option to sell your home. You want to go for sale by owner. In St. Louis Missouri it is a fairly common practice, dont be scared, just read on...

How does listing your house MLS Flat Fee with a discount realtor work?


1. The first step in the process begins with YOU. Generally the people who list with a Flat Fee MLS company have already decided to sell their house for sale by owner. You put a sign in your yard and put it on a site like and wait for the buyers to roll in. Usually the buyers dont roll in quite as fast as the Flat Fee Listing realtors do to let you know about the in's an out's of the benefit to adding your house on the MLS. Once you have decided on a company to do your flat fee listing, you will fill out the paperwork so your company can list your house on the MLS with all of the proper information.

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