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St. Louis Flat Fee Real Estate Resources and Links - If you are going to sell your house in St. Louis county or city it will be nice to get some information first. We have put together a list of links to valuable resources that you should peruse before you do anything. If you want to add a link you think would be helpful just let us know.


If you are looking to make a real estate purchase or sell your house for sale by owner in Kirkwood, first of all congratulations this is a great place to live. You may want to research a little about the neighborhood you are moving into so check out the Kirkwood Missouri Website


Not to far away from Kirkwood is Webster Groves. They are two of the highest competition sports rivalries especially around Thanksgiving. Here is more information about Webster Groves

If you want more information about being a realtor, or the types of licenses realtors have to have or anything about Missouri Real estate, check out the Missouri Realtor Website


If you have children or if you think that the people who purchase your house may have children you may want to get familiar with the schools in your area. If you have a great school system you can advertise that as an added bonus when you are selling your house as a Flat Fee MLS by talking about it on your MLS listing or any flyers that you may make and put in your flyer box on the front yard. Read over the Missouri School Directory website to learn more about the schools in your area.

If you need to talk with someone about getting home insurance, or a great inspector, or what to do with all the profit you make on your house, its nice to talk with someone you can trust. Adam Kruse has a lot of connections and a strong network in the St. Louis area, so ask him who to call when a call needs to be made.


With all this talk about Flat Fee MLS listings you may want to know which company is the top in St. Louis. Wizah has the most listings in the St. Louis area. To you this means that you know this company is doing something right. Other customers are happy with their services, and their name is recognizable. When other realtors are going to show houses to their buyers, they dont mind showing a house because they know that even though it's a for sale by owner house, they will be able to deal with professional and knowledgable realtors.

There are a ton of websites out there that will help you estimate the value of your house. Some of them base it on your houses features, some base it on comparable real estate sales in the area, some use a complicated algorithm. Your best option is to talk with a knowledgable realtor, but if you're wanting to do things by yourself, you can use a House Value Estimator to get a general idea of what price to start your house at.


If you live in St. Louis you know there is a big difference between living in the City and living in the county. There are different rules and regulations and taxes, etc associated with each. If you are trying to sell your home in St. Louis city check out the City of St. Louis website before you sell.

Now if you live in the county, you should be aware that the public has more information about you and your home than you probably thought. By going to STL county Real Estate Info website, people can find out who owns any house, how much taxes are owed on it, and the general value of the property. This is a tool realtors use everyday to give their clients more information about the fair value to purchase or sell a house out. So get informed!

Your trying to sell your house, right? Although it may be scary, it is very important to understand the tax effects of the sale. The IRS has a website to provide IRS Tax Tips - Real Estate for you to know how the transaction will affect you and your tax dollars.

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